Kitchen Remodel with extended Kitchen Island

Make the Spaces Where You Live & Work Your Own

You’re spending more time indoors and want the spaces where you live and work to feel comfortable and uniquely you. We’ll walk you through our unique design process to help you bring your vision to life, so you can live, work, entertain, and thrive in spaces that comfort you.

Uniquely You Design

It’s your space. It should feel like
yours. We’ll help you create a
space that sets you apart from
your family and friends.

The Space You Deserve

You’ve worked hard. Now it’s time to surround yourself with the things that help you feel comfortable and relaxed.

No Hassle Design & Build

We’ll help you design it then we’ll build it. No more worry about your design ideas getting lost in translation to a contractor.

Create Your Dream Space in
3 Easy Steps

Let’s Plan

Use those great ideas you have to plan the space of your dreams.

Let’s Create

We work around your schedule to help you make the magic happen.


Create life-long memories in your new, uniquely you space.

Your team of interior

Proud members

“The paint/art work was incredible…very rarely does someone meet my expectations with quality and professionalism. You exceeded my high standards and I enjoyed the entire process from start to finish.”

KEVIN – Fredericksburg

“Andrea’s creative talents are incredible! She listens – and somehow is able to take your personality and transform it into art and colors. It’s amazing!”

NATASHA – Spotsylvania

At Sanfio Designs, we know how hard it is to get the space of your dreams

You have to build your vision of the perfect space in a way that’s uniquely you but functional. The problem isn’t knowing what you want, it’s that you lack the time or the know how to do it on your own. You need someone who can understand your vision and bring that vision to life for you, but everyone you talk to is either incapable of understanding you or unqualified to do the work. You have to fix it or you’ll spend years in a home or office you don’t like.

We know how you feel.

We’re all spending more time indoors and want the spaces where we live and work to feel comfortable and uniquely us. That’s why Sanfio Designs created our easy-to-follow design process. First, we’ll get to know you and your goals, then help you translate your ideas into a plan to create a space that is uniquely you. Next, we’ll help you gather all the necessary materials and plan your build around your schedule. Finally, you’ll be able to live, work, entertain, and thrive in the space of your dreams.

Stop feeling uncomfortable in your own home or office, and start enjoying life in the space you’ve always dreamed of.

Custom Hand Painted Artwork by Sanfio Designs
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